We offers our customer 1 year warranty when purchasing a product through our website. This warranty covers manufacturing damages such as discolouring, wrong fitting, or any additional damages that causes the product to not be applied for normal use.
FEVLET's warranty covers all production and delivery damages, and can be applied if a product is faulty upon arrival. It does not cover defects or damage caused by negligence. See below for examples.
  • Damage cause by not following our product instructions and product care advices.
  • Damage cause by negligence and not using the product correctly, with care.
  • Wearing and tearing of a product due to normal wear.
  • Discolouring cause by usage over time.
  • Damages caused by any sort of accident.
In a case where for example one of these statements applies, we are not able to provide the usage of our warranty. The standard legal warranty will still always apply and the warranty we provide does not exchange or restrict the standard legal warranty that applies by law.  If the product is examined and not eligible for a warranty measure, the claim will be denied and FEVLET will send the item back in return. In this case, FEVLET will charge the customer a fee for the returning of product.
If you want to report a product for warranty and is eligible for a warranty action according to the warranty provide by FEVLET or the standard legal warranty that applies by law, please send a claim to our customer service team and they will do an examination and provide further instructions and help. 
If a product is no longer in stock on our website or not available, the customer will have right to replace that product with a product of similar value, design and look. The customer also has the rights to be granted a refund.
All attempts at fraud will be reported to the authorities. FEVLET reserves the right to not process your claim if an attempt at fraud is suspected.